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Dr. David Bzdel

Dr. David Bzdel, DC

I spent my time growing up between small town Saskatchewan and the Fraser Valley in BC. Hockey was a big part of life and a big part of becoming a chiropractor. Experiencing the benefit of Chiropractic while playing Junior A and University Hockey was pivotal in deciding on a healing profession that was focused on health, injury prevention and performance.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take over the existing practice of long time Kootenay Chiropractor, Dr Margaret Salmon in 2011. Previously practicing in the Fraser Valley, it was exciting to move my family to Castlegar and experience the amazing lifestyle of the West Kootenays. This area was always a consideration after a decade of travel that included obtaining my chiropractic degree at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and practicing in New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. My wife Lisa, and son, David ‚ÄėTiger‚Äô Jr. cannot imagine living in any other place.

I employ a variety of techniques in my practice including manual and activator instrument adjustments, myofascial active release as well as rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle advice. I am one of only a few certified chiropractic wellness practitioners in Canada, allowing me a greater understanding of lifestyle related conditions and how to best treat them with chiropractic, diet, exercise and emotional wellness. Also pediatric care is a big part of my practice and it is where I have a special interest having invested considerable time and education at the post graduate level.


Dr. Dan Collins

Dr. Dan Collins, DC, BSc, CAT 

Dr. Dan is an evidence-based chiropractor who originates from Victoria, British Columbia.  From an early age he grew to love the outdoors, competitive sports and helping others.  These passions naturally led Dr. Dan to studying movement and learning all he could about the human body and its remarkable ability to recover.  He believes strongly that a conservative and drug free approach should always be considered first when attempting to restore or increase proper function. 

While completing his Bachelor of Science in Athletic and Exercise Therapy, Dr. Dan worked with competitive and recreational athletes from various sports including; football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, running and cycling.  His training in exercise therapy further solidified his belief that structure dictates function and reinforced how important proper movement is to overall health. 

Always hungry for more knowledge, Dr. Dan moved to Portland, Oregon where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from the University of Western States (UWS).  At UWS he advanced his diagnostic and manual therapy skills greatly, allowing him to truly find the root cause of dysfunction or pain and provide multiple treatment options to aid the body in healing naturally.  Throughout his training at UWS, Dr. Dan worked with patients of various backgrounds, at all different stages of rehabilitation to help them attain their health-related goals.

Early on in his education, Dr. Dan knew he wanted to be part of a team of healthcare professionals, working together to better serve their patients and provide the best possible care.  This desire, along with his love of the outdoors made the Kootenays the perfect fit.  Here he joined a team of likeminded individuals at Kootenay Integrated Health to serve the community and promote health and wellness for all.