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My Approach

Dr David Bzdel and patient

I’m often asked by patients about what “type” of chiropractic I practice, or what style of techniques I use and my answer is generally to the effect of “nervous system focused chiropractic” employing the principals of functional neurology.

All chiropractic approaches have an impact on a patient’s nervous system despite the techniques used. Some doctors are more focused on the structural mechanical system of the spine where treatment is directed at moving a bone, joint, vertebrae, etc. Other doctors are more concerned with the soft tissue of the body and what can be changed with the muscle, tendons and fascia? And others still are more inclined to directly create a neurological change in the body through the stimulation of nerves and receptors with an instrument or light touch.

Fundamentally, all these approaches are designed to create change within the body to remove stress, facilitate healing and normalize or improve function. This is where my “type” of chiropractic fits and the methods I use incorporate a bit of all the above. The key is; who the person is who is seeking my care and how I best feel they will respond to the varied techniques I employ?

  • Do I utilize manual manipulative style adjustment? Yes when appropriate.
  • Do I use an instrument such as an activator? Yes, when appropriate.
  • Do I use muscle and soft tissue procedures such as active release? Yes, when appropriate.

I’m sure you get the idea.

Fundamentally, my approach is gentle and directed to create the maximum amount of change with the least amount of force. This is why I see many pediatric patients. It does not take much force to significantly impact an infant or child’s nervous system due to the tremendous amount of neurological activity and growth that is happening.

I’ll get you working better, it’s up to you to take that change and keep it better.